RDP VPS Providers Compared (2023)


If you decide to store all your information and files in one place that can be accessed anytime, anywhere. Or being able to access your workspace “remotely” when you’re working from home or a coffee shop instead of an office. Then you have to know about RDP VPS. It is a data center server that is located outside of your hardware (laptop, computer, etc.), aka a remote server.

RDP VPS is a Windows vps that provides admin access. If you have the credentials to log into the RDP VPS server, you will also have the control and autonomy to utilize the resources and data hosted on it. At this point, you will also be able to restore or back up data, update applications, or add other authorized users.

Some of the more common uses of RDP servers are running BOTS (automatic scripts/programs), SEO tools, online video streaming, running forex trading software etc. More and more people are looking RDP server hosting to carry various automated task that normally doesn’t required user interaction.

In this article, we search for RDP hosting and buy RDP on the internet and found the top listed RDP server hosting providers in 2023.

An Overview of The RDP VPS Providers

FeaturesRDP ServersRDPHotedHOSTKEYVPS ServerCloudzyBlueVPSInterserverHostwindsContabo
Free TrialYes. No credit card requiredYes. No crdit card requiredNoYes. Credit card verification requiredNoNoNoNoNo
Multiple OSYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
Money-Back Guarantee30 days3 daysNoNo7 DaysNoNoNoNo
Customer Support24/7 Support Email /chat24/7 Support Email24/7 Support Email /chat /phone24/7 Support Email /chat24/7 Online Support24/7 Support Email /chat /phone24/7 Support Email /chat24/7 Support Managed VPS Only8 am to 11 pm German-Based email/phone

RDP Servers

RDP-Servers.com provide professional RDP hosting services, such as RDP VPS Server, Dedicated RDP Server, GPU RDP Server, and more. All the RDP Servers have admin access, 24/7 technical care, and USA IP access. By registering with RDP Servers, you get a control panel that integrate the management of the servers, orders, tickets, billing, and more. The panel enables instant VPS delivery, which takes only 1-10 minutes. RDP Servers is currently providing early access to the Black Friday Sale, with discounts ranging from 28% to 71%. If you are new to this site and would like to try their services before payment, feel free to request a trial to enjoy the full service. No credit card is required.


RDPHosted provides fast, secure, and reliable RDP Hosting server services. They are passionate about providing our clients with the best RDP experience possible. Their RDP servers are available in various locations worldwide, including the USA, UK, India, Germany, Netherlands, Canada, Singapore, Australia, France, and many others. If you have never tried RDPHosted services, you can start a trial to enjoy the RDP service with limited admin access.


For more than 10 years, HOSTKEY has been providing services for hosting and renting servers, designing and implementing private clouds, leasing and maintaining equipment. They offer both universal off-the-shelf products for a wide range of business needs, and unique, individual, custom-made solutions that meet customer requirements.

VPS Server

VPS Server provides multiple server configurations for optimal RDP services. If you’re looking to buy RDP hosting, you can get VPS Server’s Virtual Private Server for just $25.99 per month. No matter the scale of your trade, they can help set you up with Windows RDP tailored to your needs.


Cloudzy's powerful RDP, located in 15+ global locations, is the solution for your remote virtual desktop needs. Cloudzy offers a free and pre-installed Windows OS with the RDP VPS. You can choose any Windows version you are comfortable working with and we provide it. They have different plans with affordable prices to cover all sorts of budgets. The prices start at $9.95/m, and they a 7-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with their services!


BlueVPS offers simple, scalable and customizable Windows RDP server options. If you are looking for the best hosting rental plan for your business and not sure which one is going to work out, going for the RDP VPS is a good choice.


With Interserver, spinning up a remote desktop session has never been easier. You can launch a new Windows Virtual Private server powered by the Microsoft native Hyper-v platform. Reliably run applications without interruption.


Hostwinds will still maintain and support the infrastructure level, such as power and networking. They will provide many helpful guides in the Product Documentation and Tutorials to help you accomplish many of the common tasks and troubleshooting procedures required to maintain the server.


Contabo’s VPS & VDS come with the latest generation NVMe drive included at no additional price! If you want more storage, no problem, you can extend the NVMe capacity for a few bucks.

How to Connect to an RDP VPS Server?

Connecting to an RDP VPS server is easy. After you order an RDP VPS server and get the server login credentials, you can follow the steps in the guide on how to connect to your Windows server.