How to Transfer Files between Windows Using Remote Desktop


There are many methods to transfer files between your local Windows and a remote Windows server. Remote desktop provides a convenient, secure, and efficient method for accessing, sharing, and synchronizing files between local and remote computers. It simplifies the file transfer process and offers flexibility in remote work scenarios, making it a valuable tool for individuals and organizations alike.

In this article, we'll show you the detailed steps to transfer files via a Remote Desktop connection.

Steps to Transfer Files Using Remote Desktop

Step 1. Open the Remote Desktop Connection App

Run the Remote Desktop Connection app on your local Windows PC. You can search for RDP, and double-click Remote Desktop Connection.

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Step 2. Choose the Resources to be Used in Remote Sessions

Expand Show Options. Switch to the Local Resources tab, and move to the Local devices and resources section. Click on More.

Navigate to local devices and resources

Next, check on the local drivers or resources you'd like to use in your remote session. Finally, click OK.

Choose local drivers and resources
Step 3. Start a Remote Session

Now, go back to the General tab. Input your server credentials and click Connect to log in to your remote Windows server. If you need assistance on the topic, please refer to how to connect to a Windows server remotely.

Connect remote Windows server with RDP
Step 4. Transfer Files between Local and Remote Servers

After logged in to your server, go to the file folder. You can see your local pc is listed.

Local drivers are listed in the remote server

Then, you can drag or copy and paste a file or a folder from local driver to the remote server as how you do on one computer.


Transferring files between Windows using Remote Desktop is a convenient and efficient method for remote file management. By following the steps outlined in this blog, you can easily establish a Remote Desktop connection, navigate through the remote desktop environment, and transfer files seamlessly from one Windows device to another. Whether you need to access files on your office computer while working from home or share documents with colleagues in a remote location, Remote Desktop provides a user-friendly solution.